Home Priorities Online Tool

1. In order to save your results, you must first click “save and submit” at the bottom of the calculator. If you do not do this and exit the page, your data entries will be lost.

2. Once your results are saved and submitted, you will receive an email to go back and edit your calculator at any time. You may also access them from your submissions page here. Just don’t forget to save your changes!

3. Use the Home Priorities Guide in Step 7 to learn how to use this tool and why it is important. 

4. For each question, discuss with your partner the optimal answer. To answer, use the drop down menus or the checkboxes. Make sure to pay attention to the section you are answering. For example, don’t put answers for what you need in the “What You Want” section. 

5. Make sure to write notes so that you know why your answers were important. Maybe you only need two bathrooms and not 3 because you have a small family, or you need 4 bedrooms and not 3 because you are planning on having more children. Whatever it is, make sure to use notes!

6. Once you are done answering a page, hit the “next button” at the bottom or use the tabs at the top of the tool. 

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