Change your future.

Do you want freedom in your finances?
Are you looking for peace of mind with your bills?
Do you want strong financial teamwork in your marriage?
Are you ready to achieve success with a plan that works?

We're here to make that happen!

If you answered yes to any one of those questions,
our Freedom To Live course was made with you in mind!

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Due to the hardships caused by world events, we are offering a 99% discount until May 31.

What People Say About The Course:

In the past, someone would try to show me how to budget, and I've used various printed out budgeting sheets from the internet, but I was always overwhelmed with the whole idea. Nothing was as informative, effective, or as clear as LYM’s budgeting instructions. Thank you LYM for your help!
Sam from Lead Your Money has a ton of experience and knows how to share it! I highly recommend checking out the course!
I loved that the course helps couples go through it together. If people follow the guidance and approach explained in this course, they will gain lifelong skills that will ensure financial issues are kept away. I strongly advise individuals or couples that are facing financial issues to take the course. It is a life saver.

What makes Freedom to Live so unique and helpful?

We deeply believe that your financial life is more than just numbers.

Money will impact every area of your life, so we offer a wholistic approach to financial management.

Freedom to live not only gives you the financial information you need, but also:

Practical approaches to change your money habits

Exercises to improve your financial communication in marriage

Biblical devotionals to build your faith

What’s in Freedom to Live?

You will get access to the following forever:

Unbiased financial information. We don’t sell financial products, only education.

Eleven lessons that help you build your customized freedom plan.

A free bonus lesson to help you buy a home.

Dozens of downloads including guides, devotionals, relationship-building exercises, and more.

Online calculators and tools that you can save and edit at any time.

Twelve quizzes and a final test to challenge you and keep you growing.

Answers to your questions through online support, ensuring you are not alone through the learning process.

You pay once and you have it for life.

Financial education with God at the center. Freedom to Live unites your faith and finance so that you can live out the life God has planned for you. You’re not buying a financial course to study the Bible, but you will be getting a Christian foundation to build your financial life upon.

Course Syllabus

Freedom To Live Lessons

By uniting Godly wisdom with proven financial strategies, you will be well-equipped to live and give the way God intended for you.

Find out what it means to have freedom, peace, and the bigger picture God has planned for you.

Explore the steps of your own financial plan and what you need to succeed. You will also learn more about the patient God we serve.

Marriage isn’t easy. Learn how to foster better communication about money while loving each other with the example Jesus gave.

Assess your financial state to find out what bad habits need to change and the strengths you should double down on. Then, take a look at the other mirrors God has placed in your life.

Learn how to create your very own budget and personalize it for your situation. Discover what it means for you to persevere in your faith.

Learn what you can do to strengthen your control over your money and how God helps you to endure when life gets hard.

Learn how to make an effective savings plan for all of your goals and dreams, all the while learning what it means to be a faithful servant.

Get out of debt in the fastest, cheapest way possible and learn what it means to have Godly contentment in the midst of plenty or little.

Build your defense against tragedy while learning to make the most of your time here on Earth.

Impact the world with the resources, strengths, and relationships God has given you.

Freedom to Live is just the beginning of your financial journey. Learn how to stay motivated so you can reach your goals and continue growing in your faith.

This free lesson will prepare you with all the knowledge and tools you need to move into your new home with confidence. You’ll also learn more about spiritual homesickness and how to overcome that reality.

We Guarantee Your Success!

Freedom To Live money back guarantee

We strongly believe that Freedom to Live will improve your financial life.

We also want you to start with a risk-free purchase.

If it doesn’t improve your financial life or you simply change your mind, we will give you your money back within 30 days of purchase for whatever reason you have.