Savings Calculator

1. In order to save your results, you must first click “save and submit” at the bottom of the calculator. If you do not do this and exit the page, your data entries will be lost.

2. Once your results are saved and submitted, you will receive an email to go back and edit your calculator at any time. You may also access them from your submissions page here. Just don’t forget to save your changes!

3. The first row will help you get A Month Ahead, as covered in lesson 6. All other rows are custom entries that you can make.

4. Each row has 3 entry fields and 1 result field. In the “Total Cost” entry field, put in the amount that you need to save. If you need to save a total of $2000, you would put $2000 in the “Total Cost” entry field.

5. In the next field, you need to put in how much you have already saved. If you look at your current savings and see that you’ve saved $500 towards your total cost, you would put in “$500” in the “How much have you already saved?” field.

6. Finally, enter the amount you are pocketing away every month towards your goal. If you check your budget and are able to put $500 towards your goal, you would put $500 in the “How much can you save per month?” field.

7. The calculator will then tell you the number of months it will take you to save up the amount you entered in the “Total Cost” field. This will appear in the “# of months until goal is reached” result field on the right side of the row.

8. You may add more rows by checking the “Add 5 More” boxes underneath the provided rows. If you uncheck the box, the added rows will be deleted. Your entries in the deleted rows will be lost.

*This Calculator may take up to one minute to load.