What Generosity Should Look Like

What Generosity Should Look Like

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Have you experienced a moment that encapsulated exactly what generosity should look like? Maybe someone got you a perfect gift, or they were there for you in your time of need. Whatever it was, it was a thoughtful sacrifice that showed that they cared.

When I think about generosity, I think about donating to a non-profit like a church or shelter. But when I think about the example that Jesus gives us, the essence of generosity turns out to be much more personal. There’s nothing wrong with donations; they are a good thing. But generosity is more than an action. It is a mindset.

The best example of generosity

Jesus’ sacrifice for us was important not because it cost our Saviour His life. It’s important because He did it for us. It was out of love. The message of the Gospel isn’t just about the actions of Jesus, but because it profited Him nothing and gave us everything. It is the most gracious, loving, sacrificial, and generous moment in all of human history.

With Jesus’ example in mind, you are not generous because you did something. You are generous because you are sacrificing what you have for someone else’s benefit and not your own.

I’m not here to judge you and see if you qualify as a generous person. That is between you and God. I just want to shine a light on what generosity should look like. It is not just an action, but a character trait that needs to be trained and molded more into the example Christ left for us.

Generosity looks different for everybody. We give in completely different ways and in all kinds of capacities. My passions are different from yours. We care about different things. In the end, what matters is that we do not stop love from driving us to be generous.

What can you do to be generous?

Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.

2 Corinthians 9:7

Today, I want you to plan out a couple of things. I want you to decide how you will be generous, and then decide how much you will give. I want you to do this with not just your money, but also your time. A dollar is the same for every Canadian, but no one else has your life and your experiences.

Plan it out so you will give generously and not reluctantly. Do not give because of pressure, but out of the desire in your heart. Let it give you joy knowing you are using what you have for more than your own gain.

What was your moment where someone showed you generosity? Leave a comment below or contact me here.

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