The financial story everyone needs and wants

The financial story everyone needs and wants

Dave and Julia were just living like everyone else, but they wanted a change. As their coach, I watched them transform their financial lives completely.
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"I do this..."

As the teary woman whispered those words, I watched her husband turn to her with a look of fear and confusion, “...Can’t do what?”

We sat in silence for what seemed like an eternity in their living room. I met with them to figure out what was causing such a financial strain on their life and their relationship, but I didn’t realize their burdens were so heavy. It seemed like they had given up on the thought that they would ever find relief.

She went on to explain what she meant; she couldn’t go on with the stress. She missed the days when they were first married and didn’t have all these problems. And who could blame her? They just wanted to live a life like everyone else. If they could go back, they would have done it differently.

At this point, I asked the same question that I ask everyone, “Do you have a plan?” The husband retorted with exasperation, “What good is a plan if you can’t make it happen?” But the answer for them was simple:

If you can’t make it happen, it’s not the plan for you.​

After a conversation about what a proper financial plan looks like, and what they would need to do to make it happen, they began to have some hope. Before our time together, they didn’t know what they needed to get out of their financial worries, but now they did. They were lost, but now they had a sense of direction. After praying with them, I told them to contact me with any questions, and I left.

A few months later, they invited me over for dinner. This time, there were no more tears. Dave and Julia were smiling ear-to-ear, and so was I! During our meal together, they went on to tell me the changes they made to their financial lives. They told me about the first moment they saw their debt go down, and what it was like to finally feel in control of their money.

That night was a time of celebration. They were not only rejoicing in their financial redemption, but also in the renewed strength of their marriage. Through a lot of teamwork, forgiveness, and prayer, they were making it happen – they were building their plan for a new life.

What's your story?

This story is just one of many across Canada. Because of that, I am on a mission to help more families have their happy ending. But just like in Dave and Julia’s case, it all starts with a plan!

Whether you have a plan or not, I invite you to discover how on track you are for your beautiful sunset. No matter your story, your future can be a little brighter.

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