Your Financial Life Needs Community

Your Financial Life Needs Community

When God designed humanity in His image, He intentionally put the desire in us for community. We all have a drive to truly know the people around us and to be known by those same people. This is a part of why it feels so good to open up and be understood and comforted. It’s also a part of why rejection hurts so bad and even cripples some of us. Although there are dozens of reasons for why we need community, I’m going to talk about just three of them and how they can change your financial life.


When you think about motivation, it’s really easy to take it for granted. I sometimes find myself rolling my eyes at cheesy inspirational quips I hear or even catch myself saying them! This is because those attempts at bursts of motivation are often stuck on surface level fixes.

When it comes to community, the motivation I’m talking about is much deeper. A healthy community reminds you of your purpose when you’re struggling and asking, “What’s the point?” These relationships remind you that you are not alone in the trenches. You are surrounded by people who are fighting just as much as you are, and that will spur you on. When it comes to your money, having that tight-knit community helps you stay on track to reach the goals God has given you.


When you’re struggling, feeling lost, and losing the desire to continue down the path you know is right, a strong community will not just motivate you, but also help you carry forward. At first glance, this sounds an awful lot like motivation. This is because the result of accountability should always be renewed strength to keep going. However, the point of accountability is not just to help you feel motivated. True accountability is an agreement to hold each other responsible for the actions you take. It takes great honesty, vulnerability, and humility.

At the same time, it is not about being shamed or shaming others. Sometimes, accountability groups get so focused on the things they are trying to avoid, they lose their way from the place they are trying to go. When it comes to your money, accountability isn’t about feeling guilty when you overspend, for example. It’s celebrating the progress you’ve made and helping you overcome the struggles you’re facing.


As you know, community isn’t about what you can take, but how you can bless those around you. It’s a two-way street. I hold you accountable, and you hold me accountable. I listen to your victories and struggles, and you listen to mine. You might not be the most seasoned veteran in the room, but you still have a lot to give.

Being in a strong community with others provides plenty of opportunities to see how you can help. If you have experience, you know what it’s like when you first started out. Being in community gives you opportunities to be a leader and inspiration to those who are just figuring it out. When it comes to getting in control of your money, there’s a lot to learn and even more to change. You can be the light of encouragement and accountability that someone needs.

In the end..

These three benefits of a community could be applied to pretty much anything. It doesn’t have to be money. However, it’s important to have Christ-like people around you that will listen to your financial struggles and hold you to the standard you’ve set with them. Stay motivated, accountable, and pass your experience onward to others.

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