Your Fears Keep You From The Truth

Your Fears Keep You From The Truth

You’ve probably heard Bible stories such as David and Goliath, and that we shouldn’t have fear in the face of opposition. But what do you do when there is no giant? What if you are your own opposition? You don’t need an enemy to have fear, so where does it come from and what do we do with it?

In its nature, fear is a good thing. It alerts you of danger and lets you know that you are in the face of something worth respecting. Without fear, you’d walk up to a lion or crumbling cliff with blatant disregard for what might happen to you. Fear is what keeps you safe. However, there are times when it grips you even though there is no danger.

What are you afraid of?

You’ve probably heard of “phobia”, the extreme irrational fear of something. Some phobias are the fear of spiders, tight spaces, heights, pickles, peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth… really, there’s probably a phobia for everything! Now, pickles might not invoke sheer terror for you, but you might have some less extreme fears that you are wrestling with. You might be afraid people will judge you for who you are, or that you won’t ever be accepted by Jesus unless you live a perfect life. Whatever it is, these fears keep you from living in the truth.

When you are afraid, the fear you feel makes perfect sense. You are being alerted to a danger that needs to be handled carefully. However, sometimes your fear becomes inflated over something you shouldn’t worry about all that much. For example, you don’t want people to judge you because it hurts and feels bad. This makes sense. But what are you afraid people will judge you about? Is it the way you talk? The pimples you have? The way you dress? If they judge you for that, they’re not worth hanging around in the first place. And yet, even though they’ve revealed they would make terrible friends, you are still afraid of what they think about you. Why do we all do that to ourselves? We are insecure, forgetting who we are in God’s eyes.

I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all my fears. – Psalm 34:4

God is the one who will deliver you from your legitimate fears and your irrational worries. I’m not here to debate whether or not your fears are justified, but to say that you can overcome them with God’s strength. When you turned to Jesus for newness of life, you were declared a child of God. You were welcomed into His family, and all of eternity is now yours to spend with Him in Heaven. And yet, we are all afraid of these little moments that are specks of dust compared to all God is giving us.

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?

Romans 8:31-32

Your fears may be real, but they are keeping you from living in a greater truth. You are safe with God on your side. Whatever the danger, God will give you the strength and deliver you from whatever you are afraid of. Fear of judgement, rejection, pain, death, failure, loss, and anything else, He will see you through.

Trust in Him, realize how much is in store for you, and keep on pursuing His will.

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