3 Big Areas That Cause Financial Stress

3 Big Areas That Cause Financial Stress

While we are struggling to stay on our feet, we can always find people that seem like they have it all together. However, those people are probably thinking the same thing about us! We live in a culture that doesn’t like to talk about the problems of money. But here’s the secret that everyone knows: we all feel financial stress.

Whether you’re worried about the future, trying to get through today, or regretting your past, we’ve all been there. Unfortunately, not a lot of people talk about it! If they are neglected, the financial areas we are going to share with you can cause you a great deal of stress. But if you focus and think about them, you’ll save yourself a whole lot of trouble and even find a ton of success with your goals. To protect yourself from financial stress, you should evaluate where you stand in each of these areas:

1. Financial Literacy

You might have heard this term being thrown around on the news or buried in some article you read in the past. However, financial literacy really just measures how much you know about the rules of the money game. If you understand the steps you should take to get in control of your finances, you have a much better shot at winning. If you don’t, well… it’s a lot harder to play the game and end up ahead. So ask yourself:

Do I understand the rules of the money game?

What do I need to do to start winning?

2. Financial Communication

If you are married, you’ve probably talked about money more than anything else. Unfortunately, most couples weren’t equipped to create a teamwork-focused environment around finances. Instead, we bring into marriage what we’ve heard from our parents, the bank, or a friend who can say, “buy low, sell high!” very confidently. However, some or even most of those things could be myths of culture, irrelevant to your situation, or even straight-up lies.

When we bring these different experiences into marriage, there needs to be a conversation about how to talk about money. There needs to be teamwork, because fighting with your spouse isn’t going to solve your financial problems. So as you and your partner improve your financial literacy, you should also begin your journey around the things you hear – and say – about money:

What are some of the myths and lies you’ve been told? Do you believe them?

How can you improve the way you communicate about money with your partner?

3. Financial Integrity

You can top the charts in financial literacy and know how to communicate to your spouse perfectly about money, but if you don’t exercise what you know, your life won’t change. So, what does it mean to have financial integrity? Put into practice what you know is right and avoid what you know is wrong. It may seem simple enough, but it’s incredibly hard to do! If you can improve your financial integrity, you will most certainly reduce your financial stress. To test your financial integrity, ask yourself these questions:

Am I being faithful to the goals I set?

What temptations cause me to waver in my self-control?

How can I protect my financial life from these temptations?

Just to recap:

Financial Literacy – Understand the rules of the money game.

Financial Communication – Identify falsehoods you and your spouse heard about money, and improve how you talk about money.

Financial Integrity – Follow through with what you’ve learned; put into practice what you know is right and avoid what you know is wrong.

Improving these areas takes patience, self-control, and a whole lot of prayer. Our Freedom To Live course was designed to help you through that journey. In the end, you will live the way that God intended for you: with peace, understanding, and a passion to accomplish His purpose.

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