You Weren’t Born to be Financially-Minded

You Weren’t Born to be Financially-Minded

It seems kind of cliché to say, but money isn’t the be-all and end-all of life. And yet, we spend most of our time worrying about our finances and the trouble we’ve found ourselves in. We wonder if we’re going to pay the bills, how long it will take to save up for that special something, when we will be mortgage free, if we will ever retire… The list of financial worries is endless. So, if you spend so much time thinking about money, why weren’t you born to be financially-minded?

Whether you are a spender or a saver, you want to partake in the goodness of God’s creation.

It doesn’t matter if you want a world-traveling vacation or a Snickers bar from the gas station. You want something out of life that is going to give you pleasure, and that’s what makes managing money so hard. If you had no desires, there would be no going overboard on Christmas or spending money on frivolous adventures and dreams. But for some reason, you do have desires! This is because God did not program us to count dollars, but to enjoy Him and His creation.

However, this doesn’t mean pleasure without restraint (which leads to a plethora of financial troubles) is what should fill our minds. Solomon puts it succinctly in the Bible:

“If you find honey, eat just enough– too much of it, and you will vomit.”

Proverbs 25:16

Too much of anything isn’t a good thing; too much pleasure only leads to misery (side effects may include vomiting). No one is saying it’s a bad thing to eat honey, or in this case, spend money to enjoy life. But you can only have so much of it. You need to have limits, and that’s when being financially-minded comes into play.

You need to be financially-minded for what God created you to do, and while that includes enjoying Him and His Creation, it’s also using your money to accomplish your God-given purpose. It’s a mixture of pleasure and productivity; a combination of work and rest. And while we are all passionate about different things and find pleasure and enjoyment in different places, it all comes down to the way God wired you.

You weren’t born to be financially-minded. You were born to be purpose-driven.

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  1. Paul S. says:

    Great article! I couldn’t agree more.

    • leadyourmoney says:

      Thanks Paul! I really appreciate the encouragement. It’s been a while since I started blogging again, so I’m glad I could hopefully provide something meaningful for you. I’ll be making a couple of blogs a week, so I hope you stick around to tell me what you think!

      – Samuel

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